Palatka, Florida in 1851.

The map below is in fact a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. The original map, now lost, was drawn by an unknown hand and placed in Deed Book A of the court records of Putnam County. In 1896, J. N. B. -- now believed to be Palatka attorney Joel N. Blackwell -- made a copy of that original and placed it in Deed Book A. In 1980 local historian Ray M. Hall hand copied J. N. B.'s copy. In 2003, Robert Tindall scanned and digitally-edited Ray Hall's copy to produce the map below. Comparing it to the 1885 Sanborn map one can see that the block and street layout, at least in this section of town, was well established and has altered only slightly over time. One of the main changes is that Reid Street was extended through the next block over to First Street. Orange Street was offset from Reid Street and would maintain its identity until the early 1900s.